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Youth Hostel Hyderabad

Hostel Rules

Youth Hostel is meant for all, including bonafied students and members of the YHAI and IYHF, but the preference is given to the youth / organized groups between the age group of 15 – 35years. It is for the inmates to see that the facilities are properly utilised and Hostel property is not damaged. Any damage to Hostel property by them is punishable by the Hostel authorities. Right of admission in the Hostel is reserved.

No local person and Persons with infectious / contagious disease will be allowed to stay overnight in the Youth Hostel.

Booking in Youth Hostel through Travel Agents is prohibited

Not to be mistaken for luxury homes, this Youth Hostel provides simple accommodation, which under exceptional circumstances may be on the floor with mattresses and bed linen, for a short period, 3 days at a time, extendable at the discretion of the warden in deserving cases up to seven days.

On self service basis, inmates are expected to share hostels duties whenever required. The wardens and staff will be too happy in keeping the inmates happy. The only thing they expect from them in return is a smile, a courteous word, and their share of hostel duties well done and friendliness.

Youth Hostel recognizes no barriers - political, ideological, and religious or colour. However, these are not to be used as centers for propaganda of any kind; nor are they to be used as canvassing centers for any business. Youth Hostels are to be used only as when one is on educational tour or an excursion or while on hiking holiday.

There are some of the tips, which inmates are expected to follow in the spirit of the youth hostelling scheme. Please go through these carefully and pass on the information to those who are going to stay in the youth hostel.

  • Call on the Wardens if they are in the office.
  • Produce documents e.g confirmation letter/ copy of e -mail, pay in slip , list with age etc to the receptionist.
  • Read and follow the rules of the hostel.
  • Enter your particulars in the arrival register correctly particularly PIN Code Tele Number dated and time off arrival age.
  • Give your requirement of meals by 4.30 p.m. for dinner; and, by 8 p.m. for breakfast the following morning.
  • Approximate time of departure and date

  • Please do not keep baggage on the beds, put it on the ground. Spread the bed sheet and use the pillow cover.
  • Use own locks on the lockers. Hostel does not take any responsibility for the loss of their belongings.
  • Do not stay in the dormitory between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. it is maintenance time.
  • Do not bolt the door from inside.
  • Come to the Hostel before gate closing time i.e. 10.30 p.m.
  • Switch off the lights at 11 p.m.Maintain silence between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Do not enter into opposite sex dormitory, both bathrooms.
  • Be always properly dressed.
  • Keep your bed properly made, belongings locked and organized.
  • Clean your utensils after you finish your meals.

  • Flush and wait to see that the toilet is clean.
  • Use the brush kept in the toilet.
  • Close the tap properly.
  • Switch OFF the light, exhaust fan, in ON.
  • Clean the sink.

  • Switch off fans, lights.
  • Spread bed cover properly

  • Smoking/Alcoholic drinks/Drugs/Gambling.
  • Use of musical instruments/electrical gadgets like cassette player, heater etc., in dormitories/rooms.
  • Cooking eating, taking crockery and food from kitchen/dining hall to dormitories.
  • Entertaining guests in dormitories.
  • Inter change room/furniture/bed etc., without permission.
  • Taking newspaper in the dormitories, dining room.
  • Locking up and going out with the key.


Refund Rules

Advance received will not be refunded once accommodation is confirmed, except as under;

Refund of Advance admissible Request for Cancellation received
50% 15 Days before date of occupation
25% 07 Days before date of occoupation
No Refund Less than 7 days of occupation
Full refund minus postal and bank charges and / or one postponement permitted till 31st March of the year subjected to the the availability of accommodation on the desired date. On discussion / cancellation of trains / bus service due to rail roko, bandhs, accidents, breaches, floods, road blocks / advisory by the government or hostel itself restricting travel for reasons e.g. out of break or epidemic natural calamity in the near vicinity of Hyderabad; closing of hostel for maintenance or any reason. Production of proof necessary.
Bill will be cleared by 10.00 am. If vacating by evening; and by evening, if vacating early morning.