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Youth Hostel Hyderabad

About Youth Hostel Hyderabad

Located in the beautiful city of palaces known for scenic beauty and favourable climate Hyderabad. Youth Hostel, Hyderabad is a joint venture of the Central Government of India & State Government of Telangana. It is a non-religious, non-political, non-commercial unit transcending barriers of race, colour, sex, caste, creed or social background.

What is Youth Hostel?

"Youth Hostel is a "HOME AWAY FROM HOME"

It provides young people on their educational excursions inexpensive hostelling facilities in the form of dormitories – separate for ladies and gents, a dining hall with self-service, a common room or lounge".

It is a place for forming friendship, recreation and informal education. Youth Hostels are not to be mistaken for luxury homes and are they to be mistaken for residential hostels, which provide boarding lodging for long periods.

Youth Hostels provide simple accommodation at moderate cost for short period, 2 days at a time, extendable at the discretion of the Warden in deserving cases.